When we launched Zigg, the core thesis underpinning our firm posited that shifting demographics, evolving preferences, and societal inequalities would force changes upon the home, the office, and the places people consume goods or experience community. The challenges of the past year have spotlighted opportunities to rethink and accelerate progress toward a higher quality collective physical environment.

Today, Zigg is proud to announce our second fund, another $225 million to continue backing the visionary entrepreneurs improving construction, real estate, and retail.

It is an honor to have earned the confidence and capital of leading universities, sovereign wealth funds, and philanthropic organizations toward this aim.

The two dozen teams with whom Zigg has already partnered inspire and influence us. We continue to advance the guiding principles around which we are building Zigg: deep research, vast imagination, a collaborative spirit, and infinite respect for the entrepreneurial journey. After all, only optimists build skyscrapers.

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